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Your health, your happiness is a tall building. The vast majority of people are on the ground floor. We – and yourself – can take you to the top. With the latest in scientific knowledge, we can decode you and set you on the road to better health and longevity. No stone (or chromosome) is left unturned. Then we can put you back together to be Ultimate you. To lift you up to the Penthouse Suite of Life. It doesn’t matter how fit or until you are now, we can optimize you to the nth degree. Set you on the path to a happier, healthier you and a longer future. Book a consultation today – there is really no time to lose.

Victoria Vitality-Cenegenics Secures Health Wellness For Vietnamese

World Class Aging Experts

Dr. Mason Cobb, MD – Chairman and a founder of Victoria Healthcare Vietnam, is an established physician in both USA and Vietnam. He had a 33-year successful career and founding roles in Pediatric Surgery, an Elite Subspecialty. He also established the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Michigan State University as its first Division Chief. Observing the resilience and vibrancy of youth and seeing the decline with age, he became interested in the science of preserving or regaining youthful vigour. In 2017, he completed an Age Management Medicine program and is certified, through Cenegenics, the USA and world leader in wellness medicine for the more mature population. His mission is to establish the highest level of healthcare-based wellness and personalized medical care in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. You will be under his continuous monitoring and assessment programme and then referred as needed to hand-picked specialists with the greatest expertise in their fields.

Cutting Edge Health - Tech

If you want us to dazzle you with our cutting-edge scientific technology, just please ask, we are experts. If you’d like us to explain in great detail what our DEXA Body Composition Scanner does, we can. Or why our VO2 aerobic, cardiac and fitness monitor are so important. Or perhaps you’d like more details on our CIMT tests for likelihood of stroke and cardiovascular. Or the CT scan looking at calcium in your coronary arteries. Or ask us about genetic testing–another of our passions. Or how the telomeres on every shred of your DNA predicts your real biologic age. We can also offer you an in-depth discussion on the results of your blood tests. Our experts will see you in person and explain this in the most graphic and understandable ways possible. We use both the highest graphics technology and how we get to know you, to explain where you are and how we should go forward together.

Thorough Vitality Program

The process starts with a thorough consultation. Then we run a deep series of tests which provide in-depth understanding of what you are physically and what will benefit you most. We will analyse your nutrition and work with you on a healthy programme designed to optimize your health to help you live longer and with less health problems. We will do extensive physical testing to determine your aerobic (heart: cardiovascular) fitness, your strength, and your balance and flexibility. We will work together with you on a program to increase your physical prowess and stamina. Our testing will help us recommend vitamin and mineral supplements if needed, and supply them to you. We also test your hormonal status. If that needs improvement, we can scientifically and safely replace your worn-out male or female hormones to bring about a younger and more vibrant you. After all the program also helps you to discover who you are mentally and in your life.


Mr. Victor Burrill, Chairman - Business Executive Network

My health and longevity is important to me and my family, additionally I need to be at my best at work and for running a business. I think it is fantastic how Victoria Vitality-Cenegenics are pushing the boundaries of modern medicine and promoting the longevity of health in Vietnam. I had an extremely enlightening consultation with Dr. Mason who supported me in creating a practical and health minded lifestyle for myself. I feel great and am living happier day to day. The most important thing to me is knowing that the Victoria Vitality-Cenegenics Wellness program is there should some of life’s burdens come my way.

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