Ground Floor Versus Penthouse Suite

Our Wellness programme is not skin-deep and it is not false-hope and theories. This is based on science and what science tells us about where you are, where you can go, and how to get there. When we meet our clients, we do a thorough consultation. Then we run a deep series of tests. This gives us in-depth understanding of what you are physically and what will benefit you most.

We will analyse your nutrition and work with you on a healthy program designed to optimize your health to help you live longer and with less health problems.
We will do extensive physical testing to determine your aerobic (heart: cardiovascular) fitness, your strength, and your balance and flexibility. We will work together with you on a program to increase your physical prowess and stamina.

Our testing will help us recommend vitamin and mineral supplements if needed, and supply them to you. We also test your hormonal status. If it needs improvement, we can scientifically and safely replace your worn-out male or female hormones to bring about a younger and more vibrant you. We also help you discover who you are mentally and in your life.

Once we have the knowledge and the tools, we can personalise your programme to take you up to the Penthouse Suite of Life.


Victoria Vitality-Cenegenics Program Coverage

1 In-Depth Pre-screen
Guided in-depth questionnaire about all aspects of your health and goals
Complete online or by personal interview.
2 Home Blood Draw Services
Done as most convenient at your home or place of business.
3 Nursing Station
Vital signs
BMI & Body Composition Analysis
Basal metabolic rate
Bone, muscle, and fat % and density via DEXA-Scan, the gold standard
4 Body Fitness Testing
VO2 Max Test
Strength Test
Flexibility Test
Balance Test
5 General Exam
Doctor’s physical exam. One of the most important steps!
6 Vision Testing
Your eyes are your windows to the world. We screen you for eye-glasses and are your glasses still what you need.
7 Dental Exam

Includes complimentary teeth cleaning and whitening (if desired)

8 Nutritional Doctor Consultation

We can check certain Vitamin levels and recommend the right diet to keep you young and healthy and add vitamins
and minerals as you personally need them.

9 Specific Lab and Imaging Studies to test for:


We check your blood sugar and also the part of blood that binds it, and even your insulin level (transporter for sugar into cells).

Stroke and heart attack

This is the leading killer, so we test this in greater depth than any other medical facility in Vietnam.
We check your carotid arteries, for potential stroke risk and as an index of build-up of bad plaque ibn your arteries that plugs them up or can break off and give you a stroke or heart attack.
We calculate your risk of this and also test your blood and other studies to do a deep dive on this important issue.


We test for the primary cancers in men or women, plus genetic testing of your chromosomes for your likelihood of getting these and other cancers. That way we can advise you and continue to test more specifically over time.


This is a major disease in Vietnam can cause liver cancer or destroy your liver. If discovered, it can be treated.

Liver and Kidney Disease

Also very common in Vietnam. Again, knowing early is the key to good outcomes for you. Screening liver and kidney with lab and ultrasound.

Lung Cancer and other Disease

Your Wellness doctor will check you and if you are a smoker or around people who smoke, we will test you further to detect early, curable lung cancer.

Your biologic Age

We test your chromosomes to see your “real age.” This program can make you physiologically younger when we retest you.

How good will your mind being while you age, what is your risk of different diseases, and what diseases can you pass on to your kids?
Genetic testing holds the key and the answers you need to guard against things that you and your children may be pre-programmed for.

How is your Manhood or Femininity holding up?

As you get older, the hormones of your younger self start to decline. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes, it is the most important barrier that makes you tired, irritable and unhappy. We test your sex hormones at depth and discuss restoring them if needed in your individual case.

10 Specialist Exam

If indicated by your Wellness Doctor-based on your Medical history and Guest Journey findings.

11 Consultation with Wellness Doctor

Follow-up of this deep dive into your health. Your Wellness Doctor will privately discuss what we discover and what It means to improve your health and vitality. Your Wellness Doctor will work with you on a personalized program plan for optimizing your health.

12 Concierge Personal Care

You will have an any-time, any reason personal doctor.
Modifications of your medical program by a Cenegenics or Victoria physician, based on your in-depth evaluation and clinical progress.
Ongoing modifications of your exercise plan based on your own fitness level, motivation, and lifestyle.
Close monitoring and fine-tuning of your nutrition program to ensure you are getting good results with the food you eat.
Follow up exams as part of your ongoing program.
Assisting you towards a happier lifestyle & Work-Life Harmony.
Additional cutting-edge testing is also available to support your wellness success.
Easy access to your concierge physician and Exercise and Nutrition Consultants.
Ready access to our Healthcare facilities.