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We have 10 trillion cells inside our body. They all want to be healthy and are begging us for this. Victoria Vitality’s experts will design for each individual a complete healthcare schedule to promote longevity and prevent disease. Proven benefits of this program include Mental sharpness, Weight loss, Sleep quality and Increased libido to help us live healthier, happier and possibly longer.

Everyone has great goals and aspirations, we often do everything, exchange a lot of things to achieve. That means we can’t have time to take care of ourselves. We may be successful in business, family, relationships – perhaps all. But we will age, nothing can stop that. Understanding that, the Age Management Healthcare has been created to help people live longer, happier and healthier. Dr. Mason Cobb – an expert in many fields in Medicine of the US – is the pioneer to bring this science to Vietnam under the name Victoria Vitality-Cenegenics (VV-Cen).
Dr. Mason Cobb, MD – Chairman and a founder of Victoria Healthcare Vietnam, is an established physician in both USA and Vietnam. Dr. Cobb has a 33-year career as a pediatric surgeon, Surgery Chairman, Trauma Services Director, and Academic Division Chief in the USA. He was the first pediatric surgeon in the mid-Michigan area (USA), and established the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Michigan State University, as its first Division Chief. He also served on the Operating Room Management Group, Dean’s Advisory Council, and Pediatric Executive Committee, while publishing 25+ papers, book chapters, and abstracts, and receiving several awards. Mason Cobb has an important role in Medicine of USA.
In 1997, he gave up his flourishing practice and Chief of Surgery position to be the founding General Director and eventually Chairman of the Board of the Columbia-Gia Dinh International Clinic Joint Venture – one of the most moderns international clinics of Southeast Asia. Dr. Cobb has worked in medicine in both the US and Vietnam, and has continuously studied and research the most modern Healthcare Medicine in the world. Observing the resilience and vibrancy of youth and seeing the decline with age, he became interested in the science of preserving or regaining youthful vigor. With creative personality, research passion, hard-working, he has contributed greatly in healthcare.
Dr. Cobb has proven successful and expansive in healthcare development, organizational, and growth expertise, along with hands-on experience in international healthcare development in Vietnam. Mason Cobb – “Continuously improving people’s lives has always been the driver of healthcare improvement. I am fortunate and honored to be able to contribute to the well being of people.” His mission is to establish the highest level of healthcare–based wellness and personalized medical care in Vietnam and Southeast Asia and VV-Cen is enthusiastic of his life.
Victoria Vitality-Cenegenics – Live Longer, Live Happier, Live Healthier.
We all know disease, premature aging is not evident. It is the result of stress, sit up late, lack of nutrition, bad dietary habits and lack of physical activity, … Sometimes the health care methods of this person apply to others are not successful or even have a bad effect. That’s because each of us has different body indicators, different internal problems and different needs and attitudes. We don’t know what problems we have. Are there any small, early disorders waiting in the shadows to attack you? What are the areas you need to really focus on for your journey to optimum health? And we need a personalized plan that is designed and programmed by the experts.
VV-Cen provides a comprehensive healthcare service aimed at combating aging, preventing disease. VV-Cen can help people live longer, live happier, live healthier with proven benefits of this program that include Mental sharpness, Weight loss, Sleep quality and Increased libido and especially to improve your wellness to greatly decrease your risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer. This service has been successful in many countries and was brought to Vietnam by VV-Cen with a mission to help their clients enjoy life more fully.
The process starts with a thorough consultation. Then we run a deep series of tests which provide in-depth understanding of what you are physically and what will benefit you the most. We will analyse your nutrition, determine your aerobic (heart: cardiovascular) fitness, your strength, and your balance and flexibility. We then design a nutritionally balanced program, exercise regime, habit replacement,… Experts at VV-Cen are highly specialized in the areas of advocacy, nutrition, psychology,… Clients will be under Dr. Mason Cobb’s continuous monitoring and assessment program and then referred to hand–picked specialists with the greatest expertise in their fields. Each patient will have a personal doctor, who can understand them better than themselves, always control the care plan, keep in touch, support anytime, anywhere.
To save time, service users will fill out the Pre-screen (VIP Pre-screen) online via Victoria Healthcare’s website or the nurse will call directly. Clients will be tested at VV-Cen Clinic in Dist.2, Ho Chi Minh city and will be picked up by car. The process starts with a thorough consultation by Dr. Mason then using body scanners, nutritional analysis, specialized heart studies, exercise testing, hormones,… The testing will help experts recommend vitamin and mineral supplements if needed, and supply them to the patient. We can scientifically and safely replace your worn – out male or female hormones to bring about a younger and more vibrant you. To increase an individual’s degree of wellness, a personalized plan is designed and progress is formally tracked every 90 days.
All equipment at VV-Cen is the highest technology and if need, experts are ready to explain them to the patient.
Victoria Vitality-Cenegenics designs a personal program for people to lift them to their best selves. Complete Wellness is VV-Cen’s goal for every one of its clients. VV-Cen decodes clients and lifts them to the top of life.
Victoria Vitality-Cenegenics is scheduled to open its flagship clinic in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019. In order to maintain the highest standard of personalized care, the clinic will limit the number of patients to the first 50 who wish to experience this Comprehensive Age Management Care.
Contact details:
Victoria Vitality-Cenegenics
Hotline: 081 994 66 20
Address: 37 Luong Dinh Cua, Binh An Ward, Dist. 2, HCMC